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our team

We are what we stand for.

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Joshua Sims

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Josh has traveled to Uganda 7 times over the past 6 years and during that time he created the program The CCP now runs in there. He's a graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art and was awarded Boston Business Journal's 40 under 40 in 2016. He currently works as the Director of Brand at Dynatrace. In addition to co-founding The CCP, Josh has founded The Creatives Are Coming; a small creative collective that provides high quality ROI-focused-creatives to businesses while maintaining a focus on mentoring young creatives.

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Tyler  James

Co-Founder & Chief Opportunity Officer

Tyler, a high school friend of Josh's, traveled to Uganda with Josh in 2016 and instantly saw the potential for a collaborative program in the area. As an accomplished basketball player, he began to teach the students the game and through this, found how quickly bonds were made. Thus the CCP Uganda program was born. Tyler's role within The CCP is primarily focused around the students who interact with our programs and expanding The CCP's influence to new areas globally. In order to do so, he meets with communities and organizations about the potential to form programs and meet-ups.

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Natalie Tirado

VP of Operations & Board Member

Natalie has been working with start-ups in the greater Boston area for 11 years. She joined as head of Operations for The CCP largely because of her belief that mutual understanding, respect, and kindness are essential elements of the connections we make as human beings.

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Shae Pinckney

Director of Exchange & Board Member

Shae is a creative and strategic powerhouse - helping The CCP in every aspect; from the development of our name to our mission statement. Shae’s main focus within The CCP is ensuring that we have mutual exchanges in all we do.


Ronn M. Bronzetti

Board Member

Ronn is the Chief Fundraising Officer at and has assisted on efforts involving Uganda in the past. He is on the Board at Brewster Academy where Josh, Tyler, and Shae went to high school.


Wendy Jones

Board Member

Wendy is heavily involved in Ugandan collaborative efforts. She has visited the country 4 times and has 13 years of involvement with the local Academy. Wendy’s background includes a degree from Smith College and a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from UMASS Amherst.



Board Member

Ian is the Founder and CEO of the incredibly popular Chicken And Rice Guys in Boston. He attended The CCPs 2017 Uganda trip and has been heavily involved in the CCPs efforts since then.


Peter Sims

Board Member

Peter is an accomplished photographer and a master of projects. He has traveled to Uganda 4 times and has a reputation within the country that The CCP is honored to have represented within its organization.


Jane Relton

Board Member

Jane has been involved with efforts in Uganda for several years and made her first trip to the country in the Summer of 2018. Jane has a PhD in Neuropharmacology, an MBA from Babson College, and is now an Executive Director for Business Development and Strategic Alliances at FORMA Therapeutics.