Building relationships, understanding, and appreciation among people of different backgrounds and cultures.

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Our attitude

We believe in empathy, equality, respect, and optimism. To make sure these qualities flow through all that we do, we structure our programs along these 3 rules:


We are all teachers. We are all students.

All of our programs are designed to be true exchanges that promote equality and understanding of one another. Therefore, everyone who participates in our programs plays both the role of the student and the teacher.



Diversity is a strength, not a weakness

Our aim is to never change the values, cultures, or other inherent belief structures of anybody involved in our program. While we want to build relationships, we also want to maintain diversity. 



aim to understand, not to judge

We aim to listen and learn. We are patient and thoughtful in our approach. We try to look beyond surface explanations and instead find a deeper, more profound understanding.


Our 2018 Uganda Trip

The first program we've launched is our Annual Uganda Trip - where we have an exchange of teaching between volunteers and the students for Arlington Academy of Hope.  Volunteers are both Ugandan & non-Ugandan, and are able to teach whatever they'd like, however they'd like to teach it.

The goal of this program is to create a mutual appreciation and lasting relationships between the people volunteering and the people of Uganda.

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