Our Mission

The CCP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that exists to build appreciation and understanding among people of different backgrounds and cultures.


Our Execution

In order to execute our mission, we run programs that take participants through immersive, multi-cultural experiences. These experiences are designed and run by people from all respective backgrounds in order to ensure an authentic, safe, and respectful program.

As a result, the participants leave the experience with more understanding towards other cultures, people of different backgrounds, and themselves. The experiences and relationships gained during these programs are often life changing, and have proven to have ripple affects, leading participants to become change agents towards a better future.


Our Vision

As CCP Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Joshua Sims, says, “Hate has a great brand right now. You see it on the news every day. You know what the swastika looks like. You know what The KKK’s uniform is. What’s on the opposite side of that?”

Interestingly enough, there doesn’t seem to be a brand that truly represents the opposite of hate and segregation. People say “The Peace Core” but don’t know what it’s logo is. People say “the peace sign” but there’s no organization behind that.

It’s The Culture Connection Project’s goal to be more than a nonprofit. We’re a symbol for love, strength, empathy, and positivity. While brands of hate seek to destroy, we only focus on building. We’re a movement where every culture is untied at our core.


watch us


CCP Founder & CEO Joshua Sims talks about the origins and future of The CCP in front of Brewster Academy

The CCP's 2017 Uganda Trip wrap-up video